Paradise Hunting Club leases thousands of acres of goose hunting land in the state of Texas. As a premier Texas hunting club, Paradise Hunting Club is known for its excellent waterfowl hunting guides and¬ goose, duck, and crane-guided hunting. Having been involved in waterfowl hunting for two generations, we understand the importance of waterfowl management as well as your hunting enjoyment and safety in the field. This experience in waterfowl hunting outfits has contributed to the success of Paradise Hunting Club.
Why Paradise Hunting Club?
  • Paradise Hunting Club leases over 40,000+ acres of private hunting land.
  • Paradise Hunting Club has access to an additional 60,000+ acres of day leases.
  • Paradise Hunting Club scouts all fields daily.
  • Paradise Hunting Club has numerous private roost ponds located on our property for our hunters.
  • Paradise Hunting Club control the hunting pressures by rotating the hunters in each field to keep the birds in the area.
  • During mid-season decoys are switched from wind socks to full-body decoys to continue successful hunting.
  • Paradise Hunting Club floods hundreds of acres for goose roost and duck ponds.
  • Paradise Hunting Club offers the option of afternoon hunts, which can add a new dimension to your hunting¬ experience.

Our customers tell us that Paradise Hunting Club provides a more enjoyable experience than other outfitters can offer. To see our list of references, please call Paradise Hunting Club at (713) 562-0847
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